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About Me

Some Things About Me

My name is Anderson Grüdtner Martins, I'm a 15+ years experienced Full Stack Developer, passionate for Jesus, my wife, classical piano, drawing and creating stuff.

Personal background

As personal life achievements, I could highlight: completed the technical course of classical piano, successfully built a machine using Arduino to trap homeless cats using a infra-red remote control - for rescuing them, and I have been teaching children at church and teaching music for adults as volunteer.

My hobbies: play the piano (maybe more than a hobby), digital drawing, Arduino and eletronics.

Some professional background

I started coding teaching myself in 2002, using Delphi 6. Worked as volunteer developing a desktop system for a church, until start working with PHP and online systems, in 2006. Since then I have been focusing on Web Development, but had the opportunity to work different skills.

I began my studies in Analysis and Development of Systems in 2003, when I faced the challenge of develop as the final individual project an algorithm interpreter for being used as learning tool. After extensive researches and analyse process I was able to successfully implement a custom programing language using structured portuguese and an IDE with the objective of improve the programming learning process. My greatest accomplishment came in 2006, when my IDE was used as support tool for algorithm classes in two state universities: UEM - Universidade Estadual de Maringá, and UNIPAR - Universidade Paranaense

I led a small team of developers for about 6 years being responsible for the development of different projects, like an ERP system for Glass Industry, websites for many city conceals, an iPad app for the Clothing industry, and other projects. While being the lead developer I implemented a working prototype of a 3D web tool for auto-calculating measures and budget of projects on the Glass Industry. It was one of the most fun projects I ever worked. Learned a lot.

Over the years I had the opportunity to contribute to some Open Source projects including Joomla (was member of the JUX team when releasing Joomla 3), Choosen and Ajax-Typeahead.

For about 7 years I have been focused on developing Joomla extensions and WordPress plugins used by thousands of hobbyists and professionals.

Working on very different projects I had the opportunity to develop different skills: programming, systems analyses, linux servers installation and management, backend development, project management, SQL and noSQL databases, web services and APIs development, mobile apps and others. All that skill set works as a great base for learning new technologies, or for developing solutions for different problems.

My Strongest Qualities?

  • Versatile
  • Accomplished
  • Achievement-driven


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I can easily adapt myself to unfamiliar languages, frameworks or technologies. I love to learn!




Analysis and Development of Systems

2003 - 2005

Graduated in Analysis and Development of Systems at CESUMAR, Maringá, PR - Brazil.

Techniques of Project Management


Postgraduated Studies in Techniques of Project Management, at FGV Online - Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Academic Work


Developed a custom programming language in structured Portuguese, code interpreter, complete IDE with debug tools, input panel, errors detection, output console, and translator to Pascal with the objective to improve the algorithm development learning process at local universities. The tool was successfully implemented, and used in 2006 as a support tool for algorithm classes in two state universities: UEM - Universidade Estadual de Maringá, and UNIPAR - Universidade Paranaense.

Professional Experience

OSTraining - Sarasota, FL, United States

Lead Developer (remote)

2018 - (present)

WordPress Plugins Development and Support for clients for and

OSTraining - Atlanta, United States

Full Stack Developer (remote)

2014 - 2018

Joomla Extensions development for and, WordPress Plugins development, development of a custom Deployment System, Custom Development for clients, Linux server maintenance.

Joomla Bamboo - Melbourne, Australia

Lead Developer (remote)

2011 - 2013

Joomla Extensions development, websites customizations for clients and back-end scripts development.

AutomaSystem, Maringá/PR, Brazil

Senior Developer and Team manager

2007 - 2013

Manager of a small team focused on the development of a cloud based ERP, prototype of a visual tool to design glass projects in 3D, with automatic calculation of measures and budgets. Linux servers maintenance. Joomla sites for City Councils. iPad app for Digital Catalog synced to web-services and backend for a group of Clothing Companies. I was always in touch with the clients.

Yes Wasabi, São Paulo/SP, Brazil

Developer - Freelancer (remote)


Development of an iPhone app for Ellus, using HTML5 and many iPad/iPhone compatibility fixes for the website.

Ides Net Studio, Maringá/PR, Brazil

Developer - Freelancer

2010 - 2012

Analysis and Development of a cloud based system for the management of the unlocking process for mobile devices.

YDesignLabs, Leiria, Portugal

Developer - Freelancer (remote)


Development and maintenance of custom Joomla Extensions for the Modelo Supermarket Chain.

Brazil Gateway

Developer - Freelancer


Analysis and development of a cloud based recruitment tool for hiring skilled workforces to work abroad.

City Council of Maringá/PR, Brazil

Parliamentary Assistant to Councilman

2004 - 2007

Web site development, databases design and maintenance, reports design.

Seventh Day Adventist Church, Maringá/PR, Brazil

Software Development

2002 - 2010

Design and development of a desktop system for members control.


    PHP 95%

    JavaScript 90%

    Node.JS - JavaScript 85%

    Python 70%

    Shell Script 45%

    Objective C 40%


    OOP 95%

    Modular Programming 90%

    SCRUM 75%

    Linux Server Management 70%

    TDD and Testing Automation 70%


    MySQL 90%

    Redis 65%

    MongoDB 40%

Frameworks and CMSs

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Django
  • CodeIgniter
  • Titanium SDK

Front-end Libraries

  • jQuery
  • React JS

Version Control

  • Git
  • Subversion

Additional Knowledge

  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • Web Sockets
  • RESTful WebServices
  • Regex
  • Responsive Layouts
  • iOS Development
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • AWS Services


  • OS X
  • Debian/Ubuntu Linux
  • AWS Linux AMI
  • CentOS Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 7


WordPress Plugins and Joomla Extensions

WordPress and Joomla are powerfull CMSs and one of my favorite strenght point is the extensibility. Using custom plugins, components and modules I can integrate or implement your project in the most used CMSs in the world.

Backend Development

As a skilled back-end developer, with 2 years experience developing mobile apps, I'm able to delivery to you not only a great app, but a fully back-end integrated app, focused on usability and performance.

Cloud Based Systems

With more than 13 years experience developing web systems, you can be sure that I can design and build a fully integrated, creative and complete system for you, including Front-end, APIs, RESTFul Web Services, Intranet or Mobile Apps.

RESTful Web Services and APIs

Do you need a client-server comunication? An API? Back-end is my passion, so I would enjoy work with you to help achieving your goals.


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